December Oddities

It’s been an odd December in Washington. They’re actually still in session on Christmas Eve, keeping legislators from their homes just so an “emergency” healthcare bill can be passed in the Senate. Price is no object.

It’s such an emergency that they won’t take it up again until January 18, when House and Senate begin the procedure of comparing and changing both of their bills to come up with a final version. If we believe Harry Reid, thousands of people will die in the meantime. Well, thousands of people will die, but not from lack of healthcare. Depending on which poll you see, somewhere between 53% to 61% of the American people oppose this bill—yet they push it anyway. There appears to be more wisdom in the hinterlands than under the Capitol dome.

Of course, even getting to this place legislatively took some creative negotiating on the part of some senators.

It makes me proud to have such conscientious, principled individuals running our government.

Then there was that mirthful conference in Copenhagen where the global-warming alarmists had to wade through deep snow and bundle up against record freezing temperatures to somehow ensure that the world isn’t going to burn to a crisp.

Of course, they never addressed the central issue: is it all real? They just assume it is because they’ve told themselves it’s true, and opposing views are disallowed.

Whenever anyone tells me that science provides the truth, I simply ask “Which science?” Our science changes all the time. Maybe we should have a science-change conference. I personally consider that one of the most pressing issues we face.

The latest poll I’ve seen says that only 37% of Americans believe global warming is a crisis. That’s down considerably from 2007 when over half thought it was. Common sense might be making a comeback.

Merry Christmas!