What Have They Given Us?

These are the Big Three. The Obama-Reid-Pelosi troika is now in charge. What have they given us? Well, the healthcare debacle is still debacling [is that a real word?] so we don’t know for sure how that’s going to end, but it doesn’t look good. It’s not a very welcome Christmas present.

We’re told that it is good for the country–everyone will have healthcare. And if they refuse to purchase it, they will be fined, perhaps even jailed. How comforting.

Apart from healthcare, we’ve had massive spending in almost every sector of the budget. Again, we’re told this is good for us.

The logic is somewhat less than impeccable. Yet if you ask President Obama how he’s doing, he’ll answer confidently . . .

Yes, if only George Bush hadn’t held the office before him, everything would be fine now.

Please do have a good Christmas. Focus on God’s greatest gift and spend time with those you love. Put all this out of your mind for a while, receive His grace, then return to the battle refreshed with new vision for—dare I say it—hope and change.