We Have an Agreement–Don't Bother Us with the Facts

After a week of chaos at the Copenhagen climate change conference, President Obama triumphantly announced an agreement. More on that in a minute.

It was a week to remember, if you were in attendance: riots in the streets, Hugo Chavez denouncing capitalism to thunderous applause throughout the hall (thereby revealing the governmental and economic philosophy of the delegates), and freezing temperatures, as if the earth were thumbing its nose at global warming hysteria.

In the midst of all this, the president arrived to demand that the industrialized nations reach an agreement to cut carbon emissions and help the underdeveloped nations [nations that mysteriously remain underdeveloped after decades of socialist policies—I wonder if there could be a connection?].

China and India walked out. They had to be lured back, and finally an agreement was reached among five of the most industrialized nations. Well, “agreement” is the word being used, primarily because it sounds so ironclad. In truth, it is more of a framework with no real teeth. Yet to have come out of this conference without something would have been to admit failure. Far better to concoct a fake “agreement” so that the world will think it was a major accomplishment.

Meanwhile, there was no room in the hall for an opposite point of view on this whole climate change agenda.

No one addressed the issue of the e-mails that show collusion on the part of scientists who want no debate on the issue. And neither did anyone come close to remarking on how all that supposed data that “proved” global warming ended up trashed.

As more Americans begin to doubt the validity of this pseudo-science, there is hope that it also will be trashed.