Ongoing Congressional Perils

There’s an old saying that many of you have probably heard: “Congress has recessed; the Republic is safe.”

Unfortunately, we can’t say that yet this time around. Our Congress continues to plod toward financial destruction for all of us. One bill working its way through to eventually end up on the president’s desk will raise the debt ceiling another $1.8 trillion, making the national debt $14 trillion. Add to that another omnibus spending bill of $447 billion and you have the beginnings of complete financial ruin.

People may not notice this at first, but it will eventually hit us in the face. As a nation, we are on the bleeding edge. Yet we plunge ahead as if nothing is wrong.

Republicans opposed this measure, but Democrats, led by the president, are pushing it through. It’s the result of an ideology that says [as Obama did earlier this week] we must spend our way to prosperity. That is unadulterated foolishness, but the ideology marches on, focused on one thing: control over the lives of American citizens. Only the government knows what is best, they believe.

Do they know what is best with respect to healthcare? That monster is still breathing. We are told that the public option might be dead, and that the desire to extend Medicare to those who are 55 will not see the light of day. Therefore, some of the opponents in Congress may feel they can now support the bill [whatever it may really be–no one has seen it yet]. But if it contains any provision that forces people to get health insurance, or if it raises the cost of that insurance, it will be a step toward the control they want. They’ll simply take what they can get now and add on to it later. That’s why they will not stop. They will do their best [worst?] to make this happen before Christmas.

Meanwhile, I will repeat: the entire enterprise is unconstitutional. There is no authority in the Constitution to legislate on healthcare. Will someone in Congress please make this point, and do so in an innovative way? We need some genuine leadership.