The New Religion for Our New Age

This week will be filled with news about the climate change conference taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite the Climategate Scandal [are the major networks doing much with that yet?], we are going to be told that the end of all things is near.

Well, as a Christian, I have sympathy for the sentiment, but not for the same reason. Perhaps we are winding down, but not because of man-made global warming. It has to do with rejection of God.

Interestingly, though, what we see with this modern environmental movement is a devotion similar to religious belief. For many people, the movement has become their purpose for living; it provides them with a foundational belief system. After all, if you declare the Earth to be your Mother, you are connected to a type of paganism, on the one hand, and a vague type of transcendentalist, New Age philosophy on the other. All that is left is to set up an official church to worship the newfound deity.

This new religion will have a direct impact on the economy if we follow its dictates.

Sound good to you? Well, for some reason, it sounds good to some politicians. It’s rather easy to identify which ones like this approach.

The false religion of environmentalism will lead us into one foolish action after another. Will we wise up before it’s too late?