Thank You/More on Climategate

A personal note as I start this blog today. I have never advertised “Pondering Principles” beyond word of mouth and my Facebook page, yet I am amazed how readership has grown. Starting from almost nothing a little over a year ago, now more than 2000 hits per day are being recorded. If not for the Thanksgiving week when readership naturally lags, this blog would have averaged at least 2500 hits per day in November. Just a few months ago, that average was 1500. So somebody is spreading the word, and for that I am grateful.

I never intended for this to be a daily endeavor, and I am sometimes up against the wall as I consider what is worth comment on a particular day, but I am convinced this is a ministry; therefore, I continue, and trust that it is worthwhile to those of you who are regulars.

Reminder: you can post comments in response to my ponderings by registering. Go to the sidebar and do a one-time registration, which allows you to share your thoughts. I do moderate those to ensure that nothing uncivil appears, but that has never really been a problem. I appreciate your support.

In case any of you are wondering, I don’t make any money on this. It is purely a labor of love.

Before I end this post, though, I want to make a comment on the Climategate scandal that has exploded on the Internet and via Fox News. Unsurprisingly, the other major networks have ignored it completely. Acknowledging that what they have believed in for so long may actually be a gigantic pseudo-scientific hoax is apparently too bitter a pill to swallow. They had such trust in those scientists!

It’s now been two weeks without a word from the major networks. For a tongue-in-cheek account of this oversight, check out the Media Research Center’s article.

Again, thanks for reading. I hope that my daily commentary does lead to some profitable “pondering.”