Meanwhile, Back to the Economy . . .

Congress is back in session after the Thanksgiving break. If only there were more breaks. The country would be safer.

At the forefront of the deliberations will be the massive healthcare bill that Sen. Reid wants to push through.

It truly is a monster, coming in at over two trillion dollars by the time all the spending is executed. You might notice in the cartoon that the head of this monster is none other than Karl Marx. Fitting.

So what’s the problem with adding another two trillion to the government’s expenses? Well, to paraphrase a former senator, Everett Dirksen: a trillion here, a trillion there—pretty soon it adds up to real money. It’s a paraphrase because I had to change it from millions to trillions. We’ve sure come a long way.

When someone tries to sound the warning that this debt load is unsustainable, the message is not welcome.

Given that we are in such a bad state, shouldn’t we be thinking about a different approach?

Will we learn from this fiasco? Only if we return to basic principles, both Biblical and constitutional.