Do the Math

I received from a colleague the following information on the Obama stimulus package and its “success.”

The Obama administration has been eager to counter the argument that the stimulus has been ineffective amid a Washington debate over whether a second stimulus might be in order.Administration officials said they looked at $150 billion of the stimulus spending and determined it had created or saved about 650,000 jobs through September 30.

This is pretty simple to break down:

$150,000,000,000 in stimulus / 650,000 jobs = $230,769 per job.

The average American, age 25-64, makes roughly $32,000 per year.

So, we spent an average of $230,769 to create jobs that typically pay $32,000. That’s enough money to pay their salary for 7 years.

The only thing more shocking than the amount spent per job created is that the Administration apparently thinks this is an effective counter-point to the idea that the stimulus has been ineffective.

Do they think nobody can do math anymore? Or do they really think $230,769 per job is a good deal?

Again this points out the pattern for all government spending programs: they are always inefficient, exorbitantly costly, and a waste of taxpayer money.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I think the following commentary is appropriate:

You see, we’re not getting the real meat; it’s just fake. Yet look how happy all those people are in the picture. Unfortunately, that’s the fantasy too many of our citizens are believing.