To the great chagrin of liberals throughout the nation, Sarah Palin is once again front and center in American politics.

Since resigning as governor of Alaska last July, she has built a Facebook following of over one million. She has used that vehicle to post her thoughts on a number of high-profile national issues. Her posts have been direct and based on analysis of public policy that relies on excellent academic research. This obviously has been her platform to make it clear that she is not a lightweight in the policy realm.

As if that weren’t scary enough for those who don’t like her or her policies, she now has completed her memoir of her life thus far, which includes pointed remarks about the presidential campaign last year.

The title of the book, Going Rogue, is appropriate for someone who tackled the entrenched political interests of her own home state, and who shook the political world in a way seldom seen after her selection as the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

The subtitle, An American Life, is precisley what Ronald Reagan called his memoirs. Maybe that’s intentional as she tries to position herself as the heir to the Reagan legacy. Even before the book was released, pre-release orders shot it to the top of the bestseller list.

What’s just as fascinating is that the Associated Press put eleven “fact-checkers” to work on it, attempting to undermine her credibility. None of the points they have scraped together amount to much, but they certainly tried.

By the way, did the AP [or any other news organization, for that matter] hire a bunch of fact-checkers for Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth? The answer is easy: no. That’s a shame because they would have had a field day.

How about both of Barack Obama’s books? Did the media descend upon them to pick them apart? Do you remember all those reports in the mainstream media about the discrepancies they found? The answer is easy again: no and no.

I won’t belabor that point. The double standard is well established. Only those who refuse to see it remain blind.

I plan to get Palin’s book and read it carefully. I’ll wait a while, simply because I’m in the middle of other books right now, not to mention a semester that’s heating up as we go into the final weeks. When I do read it, I’ll be glad to offer a review.

Meanwhile, don’t wait for me. Get it yourself and judge for yourself. Is she the new Reagan or not?