Indecisive and Decisively Wrong

The Joint Chiefs with the Commander in Chief

How long does it take for a president to make a decision that involves the lives of American troops in Afghanistan? Will more troops be sent or not?

Yes, I know that one must be careful in making decisions—we need to be right rather than hasty. I understand that. Yet there does come a tipping point where it’s no longer mature deliberation but complete indecision. We just learned a couple of days ago that after weeks of talks, the president has shelved every one of the options being discussed. He’s starting over again.

Will he reach a decision prior to the 2010 congressional elections?

I’ve almost concluded that he is incapable of taking decisive action on matters of national security.

Paradoxically, his attorney general, Eric Holder, just made a big decision about national security that has taken a step back before 9/11. He has returned to the Bill Clinton era by concluding that acts of terrorism [which are really acts of war] should be treated as criminal matters in civilian courts.

Holder [and Obama, who obviously gave the green light to this] is moving the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks out of Guantanamo and into the U.S. Specifically, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four others are now going to be tried in a courtroom in New York. What’s wrong with this? For the sake of brevity, I’ll just focus on a few problems.

By allowing these trials in a U.S. court, we have now allowed terrorists to claim all the rights of U.S. citizens in a court of law. That is unconstitutional. Those rights are for American citizens, not terrorists. Further, this now gives them a platform to possibly create a circus [anyone remember the O.J. “trial”?]. If that’s not enough, how about the possibility of another terrorist attack during the trial to disrupt the proceedings?

The announcement was made on a Friday afternoon, continuing the Obama policy of making controversial announcements when fewer people are paying attention. Did you also notice that the president is out of the country, on an Asian tour? Convenient.

The Obama administration finally turned decisive—yet made the wrong decision. Is this a portent for what we can expect when Nidal Hasan goes on trial?

I keep hoping for a respite, yet nearly every day brings another inane and/or destructive policy from this administration. We really are in trouble. Our only hope is a reformation of thought and return to the God of all hope. He’s the only One who can bring true hope and change.