Catching Up on the Economy & Healthcare

There’s been so much other news lately that I’ve not mentioned the recent economic news, and I’ve neglected to comment on the healthcare bill the House passed late Saturday night. First, the economy. The big news here, of course, is the continuing success of the stimulus bill to bring us out of the recession and lower unemployment.

Just kidding.

President Obama decided not to attend the festivities over the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. If he were to give a speech similar to the one President Reagan gave, it might sound like this.

Interestingly, when Secretary of State Clinton did attend the ceremonies, she was able to give a speech without even once mentioning Ronald Reagan. Apparently, in her view, he was not instrumental in the fall of the Wall. Others, however, have a different perspective.

Okay, so I got a little off the subject of economics. It was worth the detour.

Meanwhile, back in the House of Representatives, Democrats claimed victory with a 220-215 vote in favor of their brand of healthcare, complete with the so-called “public option.” It also calls for fining and possibly jailing people who refuse to buy health insurance. The authority in the Constitution for Congress to force people to buy insurance is found where?

That bill has been declared by some as dead on arrival in the Senate. Cartoonists have had some fun illustrating this. Here are a few examples. Pick your favorite.

They all convey the reality of the House bill, so choosing one over the other is kind of difficult. I’ll choose them all.

This bill deserves a quick and painful death. Let’s keep personal liberty alive.