Conclusion Jumping

I wondered yesterday whether the government would be willing to acknowledge that the Ft. Hood murderer was motivated by his Islamic beliefs. Well, now we’ve found out the initial response from the White House. The president himself has told us to avoid “jumping to conclusions before we have all the facts.”

In the abstract, that’s a wise approach. But this is not an abstract situation. It has to do with a man who openly spoke about his beliefs and then acted upon them.

One commentator with had the best response thus far when she said,

Now, it’s refreshing to see how much the President has learned since his own display of “jumping to conclusions” last summer, when the matter concerned his friend, Professor Gates, and Gates’ allegations of racism against a white police officer. 

But with the warning about “jumping to conclusions” this morning, we all know what Obama’s really saying here: Look, you bigots, don’t start making the ugly assumptions you’re prone to making, just because the killer was Muslim

It’s all very reminiscent of a few of the nitwits in the wake of 9/11, whose primary (and unjustified) concern seemed to be that a bunch of haters would immediately start lynching anyone of Arab descent in this county in response to the attacks on America.

And it’s remarkable how little insight this President has about the true nature of the country he leads.

I think her comments are appropriate. They reveal the hypocrisy that washes over this president, as well as his unjustified slam against his own countrymen.

Let’s get all the facts, yes. But let’s not allow a politically correct knee-jerk reaction to keep us from finding and reporting all the facts.