Catching Up

Due to the nature of the news this week—the elections—I haven’t been able to keep you updated on the best political cartoons. Well, it’s time to make up for that. Let’s begin with an overall perspective on this presidency.

I’m especially fond of the “blame thrower”; it’s been the most lethal weapon he’s had. At least it must be, since he uses it so often. Take those Republicans, for instance: he’s tried to reach out to them, but they’ve refused to embrace bipartisanship.

You see, it’s the Republicans who are to blame.

Meanwhile, while we’ve been distracted by elections, we missed the news that the recession has ended. That’s the pronouncement from the administration.

Just be careful of that next step. You might miss the recovery.

And there’s always healthcare; it never seems to go away. Fortunately, we are close to a solution.

And look what has sneaked into the House version of healthcare.

Maybe someday these congressmen will develop a conscience. Keep praying for that.