Month: October 2009

Religion, Morality, and Knowledge

As Americans began to move into new territories after the Revolution, the Congress set up rules for how those territories were to be governed and how they could become states. The Northwest Territory—which consisted of the current states of Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and part of Wisconsin—was the first region to be settled. Even before the Constitution was written, the fledgling American Congress under the Articles of Confederation passed what was called the Northwest Ordinance. It was a very significant… Read more »

Constitutionalism? What's That?

One of the most unnoticed events in international affairs has been the situation in Honduras. That’s probably understandable since most Americans don’t think about Honduras on a daily basis. How does it affect our lives? I’ve mentioned the situation a couple of times, but there is one angle to it that I haven’t yet emphasized, one that shows just where we are as a nation in our practice of government. When the Honduran Supreme Court and its legislature ousted the… Read more »


Here’s an appropriate postscript to my earlier commentary├é┬átoday. I think it makes the point quite well.

Empty Words . . . Dire Consequences

We’re now going to engage Iran in “talks.” The president seems to believe that talking will solve all problems. This is based, I believe, on his worldview, which doesn’t truly recognize the Biblical doctrine of evil. Instead, he feels that whatever problems the world faces are the result of misunderstandings. Well, I do think he misunderstands some things. There are evil people in the world who cannot be talked out of their evil designs. One of them is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,… Read more »