Healthcare Plan Unveiled

We now see the House version of healthcare, Pelosi-style. It includes the public option. Actually, I disagree with that term—if it goes into effect, there will be no option eventually. The government will take over in time.

We’re also told how, quite miraculously, this more than one-trillion-dollar masterpiece of legislative sausage-making will pay for itself via penalties and cuts in spending elsewhere. How amazing that you can spend over one trillion dollars and not really spend anything. We must have wizards working in Washington.

No one who crafted this proposed bill, to my knowledge, has even stopped to ask whether the federal government has the authority to impose such a thing on the nation. Where in the Constitution does one find permission to create a government system of healthcare? Further, even if one could supposedly discover this grant of power, how does one justify forcing everyone to buy healthcare? That’s no different than forcing everyone to buy a car, a flat-screen TV, or any other commodity. As long as a sufficient public interest can be identified, anything goes. How in the world can this monstrosity be sold to the public?

That’s only the House version, though. The Senate still has to come up with its own unconstitutional plan. We can trust Harry Reid to rival Mrs. Pelosi on his side of the Capitol.

There’s a new commercial out with those characters representing Mac and PC that makes fun of PC’s pledge that this time there will be no problems with the new version of Windows. I like how one cartoonist has applied that to the healthcare fiasco.

All you have to do is look at history—look at the government’s record of inefficiency and bloated bureaucracy—and ask yourself: can I really trust this time?

Remember how Charlie Brown always convinced himself that Lucy would actually let him kick the football this time? Remember what always happened?

Let’s not be Charlie Browns on healthcare. Let’s not be fooled again. The consequences will be devastating.