A Congress You Can't Believe In

The current Congress has some interesting approval ratings. The latest I’ve seen are at 21%. I wonder why that might be?

I have to admit I never expected we would get to the point where the actual reading of bills that Congress votes on would become an issue. Shouldn’t that be a minimum requirement for the job? When someone doesn’t do his job, what normally happens?

Since the “public option” has been in the news so much, I thought the public option noted above would be an appropriate choice. Of course, we do have that option already. It’s called the 2010 elections.

Congress is also on the verge of passing a new hate crimes law that would make it punishable to “hate” a person’s sexual orientation (a euphemism for the homosexual agenda). Hate crimes are unconstitutional: they attempt to punish people for what they think, not for what they do. Don’t we still have a First Amendment?

Meanwhile, President Obama is busy dealing with the greatest threat to the republic.

Maybe that’s the real hate crime.