Obama & the Homosexual Agenda . . . Again

On Saturday evening, President Obama addressed an audience from the Human Rights Campaign. Sounds like a respectable group, doesn’t it? Who can be opposed to human rights? Well, this group is the most militant in the nation in advancing the homosexual political agenda. What was the president doing there? In essence, he was there to remind them that he’s 100% behind their efforts and to urge them to patiently wait for him to move on their issues.

For instance, he told the audience that he will end the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for gays. To him, this policy is discriminatory.

What else did he promise?

He pledged to work to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act while simultaneously striving to establish recognition of same-sex marriages. The general public is not supposed to know about that. You see, officially, he is not in favor of same-sex marriages, but when he speaks to a group of his supporters, the truth comes out.

His biggest applause came when he promised to sign legislation currently wending its way through Congress that would widen hate crimes protections to cover violence toward individuals based on sexual orientation. I predict, if this passes, that it won’t be long before anyone speaking out against homosexuality will be accused of fostering violence, and will be prosecuted for exercising their freedom of speech. This will be used particularly against Christians who continue to maintain that homosexuality is sinful.

He encouraged his audience with these words:

“Do not doubt the direction we are headed and the destination we will reach. We have made progress and we will make more.”

Mr. President, I can say without qualification, that I believe you truly are committed to this cause. I only wish I could say otherwise. God help us.