A Czar Too Far

Jennings: More Obama Radicalism

Remember Van Jones? He was just the most obvious of the radicals surrounding President Obama. The latest in the spotlight is Kevin Jennings, the so-called “safe schools czar.”

Jennings’s radicalism is of a different stripe than Jones’s, although I doubt that they have any serious disagreements. Jennings is a homosexual rights advocate who founded the organization Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). The goal of this group is to make homosexuality a normative lifestyle in America.

This is the person who should be put in charge of making schools safe?

Never mind the fact that the Constitution doesn’t even give the federal government any authority over education (but that’s another story).

I refer you to this informative article by David Limbaugh, if you haven’t been following this newest drama. I couldn’t agree more with his basic premise: it’s not that the Obama team doesn’t vet its appointees; rather, its appointees fully express the beliefs and objectives of the president himself.

It’s time for another czar to be deposed.