An Olympic Hurdle

Well, we can relax now. The 2016 Olympics aren’t coming to Chicago. I know a lot of people wanted them here in America, but I can honestly say I’m relieved they won’t be here. The terrorism threat would have increased significantly with the Games. The security that would have had to be put in place would have been tantamount to a migraine headache.

So, rejoice that we don’t have to worry about all that.

But President Obama put himself on the line trying to get them here. His failure looms large. I thought the world was supposed to love us now. Weren’t they all primed to sing hosannas to the new era and reward the U.S. with their affirmation of love and acceptance?

Apparently not.

I think Charles Krauthammer captured the essence of the failure in words I could only hope to emulate:

It was almost unimaginable that a president would actually go abroad if he didn’t have it wired. And look, this was the perfect audience for him, a collection of global Euro-trash who love all this anti-American stuff, and it didn’t even work on them.


Political cartoonists are having a splendid time with this episode, using Olympic representations to make their points.


Talk about glittering coaches turning into pumpkins. Then there was this one:

With all these other issues to worry about, why was the President so focused on the Olympic prize? Of course, there are some who would prefer he not give his attention to the major issues:

In other words, maybe we might be better off if he doesn’t pay too much attention to some issues.

And for those Chicagoans who are devastated by the loss of Olympic grandeur, a word of consolation . . .

As a Cubs fan for nearly 50 years, believe me, I can understand.