Month: September 2009

Jones Is Out . . . But What About His Views?

Van Jones: The “Green Czar” Has Been Put Out to Pasture So, the publicity finally made the difference. Van Jones resigned as “Green Czar” late Saturday night. Notice that it occurred over a holiday weekend so fewer people would be aware that the administration had to bow to public pressure. What’s amazing is that this could happen with nearly all the major media sources ignoring the controversy. As of late last week, neither ABC, CBS, NBC [and its younger cousin MSNBC],… Read more »

What Economic Recovery?

The unemployment numbers came out yesterday. We’re now at 9.7%, the highest since early 1983 when Pres. Reagan was still helping the nation get past the Ford-Carter years. Another 216,000 jobs were lost. But in Obama-speak, that is good news. You see, that’s fewer job losses than were predicted. Right. As Joe Biden said, this will be a jobless recovery. Wouldn’t that be an oxymoron? But the administration keeps saying everything is working out just as planned. There is one sector… Read more »

What I Choose to Think about Today

So many choices. So many things I could comment on. Take Charlie Rangel, for instance—the Democratic congressman who heads the committee that writes the tax laws. I could talk about the millions in assets he seemed to forget he owns, and all the taxes he didn’t pay. Or I could write again about Van Jones, the self-avowed communist who serves as Obama’s “Green Czar.” He now admits that the green movement is just a first step toward establishing socialism in… Read more »

So Now We're Terrorists?

Organizing for America. It sounds innocuous enough. Who wouldn’t want America to be organized? But it’s a campaign organization that President Obama still has intact, working for his policies even now, long after the campaign has ended. Well, that’s not really true—for him, the campaign is never over. Campaigning is far more fun than governing. The New Face of “Terrorism”: Don’t They Look Dangerous? Well, Organizing for America sent out an e-mail to its supporters that has opened some eyes…. Read more »

Cheney: Politicization of National Security

Dick Cheney has spoken out previously about his concerns over the Obama approach to the War on Terror (if, in fact, it still exists). Last Sunday on Fox News, he continued to share his views, and he didn’t hold back. Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to investigate CIA interrogators angers Cheney. He forcibly argued, It’s an outrageous political act that will do great damage, long-term, to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult… Read more »

The Healthcare Strategy

Now that the general public has had time to digest the specifics of the proposed healthcare bill, many have come to a conclusion regarding its effectiveness: The protests have not abated. Opinion polls show that the majority of Americans do not want this “solution.” How has the administration responded? Meanwhile, congressional Democrats have a new strategy, offered to them by the timely death of Sen. Ted Kennedy last week. Will people be fooled by the new label?