Month: September 2009

The Chicago Style in D.C.

How long will it take for the general public to understand what we are experiencing in this new administration? I’ve commented repeatedly on the policies being promoted and am gratified that a great number of people are now taking notice. Witness the 9/12 demonstration in D.C. and elsewhere. Now we have to realize something else—and you saw it in Obama’s speech to Congress last week: he will do whatever it takes to ram through what he wants. You see, he… Read more »

The Wrong Crowd

Periodically, I link to a Mark Steyn article, just because he is so often correct, and also because he expresses the correctness of those views so exquisitely. I won’t link to the entire article this time, but I do want to quote his closing paragraphs as he speaks of President Obama’s attempt to force his version of healthcare on everyone: The New York Times’s in-house conservative David Brooks was an early champion of Obama and is profiled in the current… Read more »

Isn't It Obvious?

We were treated once again Wednesday evening to a presidential explanation for why we need to overhaul the healthcare system in America and put the government in charge. How many times can the president say that not a dime will be added to the deficit through this and keep a straight face? As his administration is wont to repeat, facts are stubborn things. In this case, the facts are simply not on his side. What world is he living in… Read more »

What Are We Supposed to Remember?

On this 8th commemoration of the terrorist attacks on this nation, I hope we haven’t forgotten some things. There really are evil people out there who want to destroy the United States. It’s going to take vigilance to maintain our security. We need to be united in our willingness to place the safety of our people ahead of our political interests. Defense is the first responsibility of any civil government. Without a Biblical foundation for our thinking, we will be led astray…. Read more »

The Role of Scripture in Education

For those of you who have read this blog over the months, you may have noticed that the guy on the right has shown up more than once. His name is Noah Webster, a man I got to know quite thoroughly as I researched and wrote my doctoral dissertation because he was the subject of that endeavor. I was fascinated with Webster because he became a Christian convert at age 50, and his worldview altered considerably in the realm of… Read more »

Who Educates?

Since the president opened the door for a discussion of education, I’d like to walk through it. As a professor of history, education is my livelihood, and I’ve spent more than three decades thinking about principles that apply to education. As always, I go to the Scripture for my foundations. For instance, in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy, the nation of Israel was told: These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them… Read more »

It's the "Cult" Thing that Bothers Me Most

President Obama will speak to the schoolchildren of America today. Well, to most of them at least, but not as many as he had hoped. Many school districts are not participating, or at least making it optional. The furor over the speech has been rising. With all the distress over the speech, he decided not to say anything too controversial. He knows now he wouldn’t get away with urging the students to be part of his political agenda. Most of the problem… Read more »