The Return of ACORN

Not that ACORN actually ever went away, of course, but the organization that was under fire back during the campaign for its voter-registration fraud is back in the news.

This past week, a couple of undercover conservatives went to various ACORN offices and pretended to be a pimp and a prostitute looking to buy a house to carry out their activities. In each office (3 thus far), they were given advice on how to do so illegally. The only reason, though, that anyone in the country knows about this is because the internet and Fox News told the story.

For some reason, none—I repeat, NONE—of the other networks, nor the New York Times or Washington Post, thought this was news. If those were your sources of information, you would never be aware of this. Shining the light on these activities has led the U.S. Senate, even though dominated by Democrats who have benefited from ACORN’s illegal methods in the past, to vote 83-7 to cut off government funding to the group. Just the fact that this shady organization was getting funding in the first place was a travesty. This time there actually might be some consequences if the House follows suit.

Before we are too satisfied that justice will be served, however, we need to keep in mind that ACORN is merely one of a myriad of groups started by the same people. The infection is widespread. It would be nice, though, to begin the surgery here.

Meanwhile, so-called organs of news such as the New York Times are showing their true colors more than ever. They no longer deserve to be called news sources. The Times, and its publisher, Pinch Sulzberger, can no longer call this rag “the newpaper of record.” It’s a disgrace.

It really is that bad.