The Chicago Style in D.C.

How long will it take for the general public to understand what we are experiencing in this new administration? I’ve commented repeatedly on the policies being promoted and am gratified that a great number of people are now taking notice. Witness the 9/12 demonstration in D.C. and elsewhere.

Now we have to realize something else—and you saw it in Obama’s speech to Congress last week: he will do whatever it takes to ram through what he wants. You see, he learned in the school of Chicago politics.

Chicago Boss Richard J. Daley

Chicago Boss Richard J. Daley

Chicago is a city that has been run by a political machine almost since its origin. That machine has been corrupt in the extreme, and anyone who comes up through that system has had to be corrupt to rise to the top. I remember from my earlier days Chicago’s mayor Richard J. Daley. He ran Chicago as if it were his personal kingdom, as if he were entitled to be in charge. He was the product of the system, and he perpetuated it. Yes, he was before Obama’s time, but the Chicago style never changed. Guess who’s mayor today? His name is Richard Daley, too—the son who inherited the spoils.

This explains, I believe, Obama’s penchant for naming so-called czars who are not answerable to anyone but himself. Cabinet positions require Senate confirmation; czars don’t. And it’s going to be those men and women who will formulate the government’s policies.

I don’t like hyperbole, and I cringe when other people stretch to make a situation more dire than it might be, yet mature reflection on what we are witnessing today makes me tend toward the conclusion that we really could be sliding toward a totalitarian government.

I’ve been reading (finally) Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. I was unaware that Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was the man who coined the term “totalitarian.” He meant it as a comforting term. He was telling his people that he would make things more efficient by taking direct control. The sad thing is that they liked what he did.

There are a lot of people who apparently like what President Obama is doing. That’s doubly sad because we have a stronger heritage of liberty than Italy did. Further, we have always had a Biblical basis for law and morality. What will be left of those foundations if Obama gets his way? The next few weeks are crucial for the future of this republic.