Isn't It Obvious?

We were treated once again Wednesday evening to a presidential explanation for why we need to overhaul the healthcare system in America and put the government in charge. How many times can the president say that not a dime will be added to the deficit through this and keep a straight face? As his administration is wont to repeat, facts are stubborn things. In this case, the facts are simply not on his side.

What world is he living in where taking over 1/6 of the economy and adding more people into a government-run insurance plan will have no effect on the deficit?

That might explain it. Yet he continues to say that it’s the opponents of this plan who are lying.

Perhaps he can point to other government-run enterprises that have succeeded to help make his case.

He would like the American people to think that he knows exactly what he is doing, and that we should have implicit trust in his wisdom and prowess. Yet I suspect the truth is more like this:

It’s obvious that Obamacare cannot live up to its promises. Fantasy math can only take you so far. Yet the Democrats in Congress are poised to try to push this down the country’s throat regardless of the facts. For some reason, most of them are true believers in this system. A few lessons on the limits of government power and the basics of economics are in order. But would they learn even if given those lessons? Are they open to understanding?