Jones Is Out . . . But What About His Views?

Van Jones: The “Green Czar” Has Been Put Out to Pasture

So, the publicity finally made the difference. Van Jones resigned as “Green Czar” late Saturday night. Notice that it occurred over a holiday weekend so fewer people would be aware that the administration had to bow to public pressure.

What’s amazing is that this could happen with nearly all the major media sources ignoring the controversy. As of late last week, neither ABC, CBS, NBC [and its younger cousin MSNBC], CNN, the New York Times, nor the Washington Post had even mentioned Jones as a news story. What was all the fuss, in case you missed it?

  • First, Jones is an avowed communist.
  • Second, he signed a petition seeking an investigation into the government’s role in 9/11; he believed the Bush administration either was complicit in it or deliberately allowed it to happen.
  • Third, he claimed that white environmentalists were directing pollution toward minority communities in an attempt to harm them.
  • Fourth, he claimed that Columbine-type incidents could only occur among whites; blacks would never do such a thing.
  • Fifth, the organization of which he was a part before joining the Obama team was sponsoring a boycott of Glenn Beck’s TV commentary program, trying to shut down his freedom of political speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Have I forgotten anything?

Jones says he was ousted by “a vicious smear campaign.” Get real, Mr. Jones. It’s not a smear when it’s the truth. But then again, anyone who believes that Bush was behind 9/11 doesn’t have a firm grasp of reality.

Yes, he is gone, which is a positive step, but does that mean his views are now gone as well? What about the bureaucracy he headed? Will it still operate on his beliefs? It’s undoubtedly staffed by people of his choosing who mirror his views. Will his successor, if there is one, be just as radical, only less quotable?

The media that did cover this, while they are to be commended for doing so, continue to focus on the wrong issue. They ponder, “Didn’t the White House vet this man? How could someone with his ideas have been hired to fill such a position?”

This was not a case of the White House sloppily vetting someone. Jones was exactly the type of person this administration wanted. They simply hoped he would fly under the radar. That’s why he was appointed to this job rather than chosen for a position that would have had to undergo congressional scrutiny.

The real issue here is that Jones is an ideological brother to President Obama. They see eye-to-eye on most things. Both were trained in Marxist philosophy; both have a grievance against a society that they see as being dominated by whites. If you don’t think that’s the case with Obama, let me remind you of a few things:

  • His 20-year occupancy of a pew in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s so-called church, where diatribes against white people were routine.
  • His “typical white person” comment about his grandmother.
  • His knee-jerk reaction to the arrest of his black friend at Harvard, professor Gates, which revealed a deep distrust of white policemen.

No, Van Jones was not an aberration; he was the face of the philosophy being espoused by the current administration.

I will repeat what I have stated previously: this is the most radical president in American history, and we need to pray for protection against a government that has little respect for the rule of law. God is able to offer that protection, but will He find enough people who have come to grips with the situation and will seek His aid?