The Beck Controversy

Glenn Beck, on Fox News, has been asking questions. He’s wanting to know things like, “Why did President Obama hire an admitted communist to act as ‘green czar’?” That’s just one of his questions, but they are all similar. In fact, he has been doing a superb job of highlighting both the beliefs and the actions of this administration that are antithetical to America’s form of government and its Constitution.

What has he earned for this investigation? Outrage and a campaign to get his sponsors to drop his program. The organization promoting this is called Color of Change, and it just happens to have been cofounded by the very “green czar” Beck is asking about. They say Beck has gone over the line because he wondered if Obama really doesn’t like white people. Now, whether the answer is yes or no, all Beck did was speculate, based on the statements and actions of Obama himself.

The goal is to drive him off the air. He shouldn’t be allowed to say such things, they complain. Yet they, and other individuals and groups like them, should be free to call most Americans racists. Fair and balanced, anyone?

I’ve been watching Beck since he started his program on Fox at the beginning of this year. Yes, sometimes he does push the envelope, but always in an entertaining way, and I’ve never seen any hint of hatred toward others. That’s a hallmark of his opponents, however. Compare the language and attitudes, and I think you’ll see the distinct difference. Beck is an entertainer, and effectively so. But his entertainment approach is meant to help you listen to what he is saying. And what he’s saying has substance.

It is instructive that none of his critics have really challenged the facts he is presenting. Rather, they attack his character. That’s classic misdirection, hoping that they can derail him without having to deal with the facts. As John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things.” They’re always getting in the way of those who prefer ideological blinders.

Fox News, as a whole, has been the only network that gives the conservative point of view a chance to be heard. It has covered intelligently the townhall meetings this entire month, allowing viewers to see what has been taking place, and giving those who disagree with the administration’s healthcare plans a voice in the debate. Other networks don’t even recognize there is a genuine debate.

This attempted boycott will not succeed. In fact, Beck’s ratings have gone through the roof ever since it began. This is another example of the law of unintended consequences.

I do remember something about a First Amendment and the freedom of political speech, don’t you? We need to keep speaking out and not be cowed into silence through fear of reprisal.

I’m reminded of what the apostle Peter said when he and the other apostles were told to no longer speak about Jesus. In short, he replied that they must obey God rather than men. Whenever we are speaking God’s truth, be it the way of salvation or some application of Biblical principles to society, we must continue to obey God rather than men.