Meet Mr. Frank

This is congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts. He recently held a townhall meeting in which he verbally jousted with constituents, telling one that talking to her would be like talking to a dining room table.

Take that, concerned citizen.

Even in a district as liberal as Frank’s, the people were up in arms about the proposed healthcare program. Frank’s responses were condescending. The clear impression he gives is that he is the knowledgeable one, and his constituents should just take his word on everything.

But how much do you know about Rep. Frank? Were you aware that he was one of the first elected officials to declare his homosexuality? Do you remember reading about how his D.C. townhouse was being used as the center of a prostitution ring? He claimed not to know anything about that. He only lived there. What did his colleagues in the Congress do about this? They gave him a slap on the wrist, and then he continued in the Democratic leadership.

And what about the latest financial crisis? Did you realize that he was the key congressman pushing for the banks to give loans to people who were credit risks? He said there was no crisis, and blamed the banks for being stingy. So they bowed to the pressure [and legislation signed by Pres. Clinton] and gave out scores of unsound loans. Oh, there was also the little-covered fact that Rep. Frank’s live-in homosexual lover was an executive at Fannie Mae who was at the forefront of the effort to give out these loans to unqualified home buyers. Conflict of interest anyone?

Why do we have congressmen like Barney Frank? We have to look in the mirror. It’s an old saying, but worth repeating: a representative government is a reflection of the people who elected those representatives. The fault lies in us. A nation that deserts Biblical principles and votes its pocketbook regardless of the wisdom or the constitutionality of the policies carried out, is a nation that has lost its very soul.

Barney Frank is a walking testimony to the soulessness that surrounds us.