Created in God's Image

Why do we even have to deal with issues like “death panels”? Why are there so many abortions? For me, it all comes back to something our society has stopped believing. We no longer accept the notion that each individual is a creation of God, imbued with the same qualities God possesses.

We are really quite wonderously made: we can reason, experience the gamut of emotions, and have the power to make decisions that determine our eternal residence. These qualities belong to God, and He has graciously passed them on to us. That is why we are inherently valuable.

But the acceptance of evolutionary thought, and the resultant belief that man is just a higher form of animal, has clouded the truth that the image of God has been bestowed upon us.

Life is now cheap. It has lost its value. Now we have government bean-counters who want to decide whether or not you receive the treatment you need. Are you too old to be of benefit to society any longer? Take a pill to ease the pain instead. Take enough of those pills all at once and perhaps we won’t have to pay for you anymore. You’ll be doing the “right” thing for everyone else by removing yourself from our ledger.

Is that developing child in the womb an inconvenience? Is it going to interfere with your life, as you understand it? A simple procedure takes care of the problem. After all, that’s not a real human, is it? It’s only a mass of chemicals or a blob of tissue. Go on your merry way, free to follow your selfish inclinations. Why should you be burdened with the consequences of your bad decisions or have to shoulder responsibility for someone else? Life should be free from pain and worry. At least, that’s what far too many of us now think.

God forgive us.