Happy Birthday to . . .

. . . Pondering Principles. It was one year ago today that I posted my first thought.

When I started this blog, I really didn’t know what to expect. For some bloggers, this is the ultimate narcissistic experience. It’s the way they validate themselves in their own eyes. I didn’t need that. My validation was already secure as a child of God. And He had given me an outlet for expression in the unversity classroom.

For me, a blog was simply an extension of what I was doing anyway. And I didn’t think I’d be writing nearly every day—a couple times a week should do it, I figured. However, once I realized that people were actually reading this, I felt more of an obligation to be consistent. That was a sobering realization. How can one stay fresh every day? What if I don’t have any thoughts today?

Well, along the way, I’ve discovered that current events and the political cartoons connected with them have provided the needed inspiration.

I wanted this blog, though, to be different than merely a running commentary on events. That’s why I called it Pondering Principles. The greater context for every comment I make is the Biblical principles upon which all analysis should rest. For those of you who haven’t been with me very long, I urge you to go to the category called “Biblical Principles” so you can see what drives me. My Christian faith is the reason this blog exists. Categories entitled “The Christian Spirit” and “Christians and Culture” make it clear that my goal is to manifest the spirit of Christ, even when I critique current policies and personalities.

As a historian, I also wanted to provide background for what is happening today. Check out “The Historical Muse” for examples. Lately, I’ve added another one called “American Character,” which highlights individuals who have contributed to this nation via their admirable character traits.

I’ve also encouraged readers to participate by adding their own comments. I’ve discovered that most people just like to “lurk” and not jump in. That’s fine. But if you ever have something you want to add, you are very welcome. I promise to respond in a manner that does credit to my faith and to the One who salvaged my life.

So, this enterprize has been an experiment. Thanks to all who drop by to peruse. I can only hope that the commentary is pertinent and expressed in such a way that the time you spend on this blog is considered worthwhile.