Reasons for Concern

So why don’t all these people who show up for the townhall meetings with congressmen and senators just go home and be quiet? Some congresspeople, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi, claim to see Nazi banners at these meetings. I think there was one at one meeting, but it was not because a Nazi sympathizer was in the crowd; rather, the banner was saying we don’t want Nazi tactics or policies being followed in this nation.

Now, isn’t that a little over the top? What Nazi policies? Normally, I shy away from labeling anything in that manner, simply because it is so overused and normally ridiculous. But if a nation has a policy that tries to push people into an early death, might not that qualify?

Do those of you who are AARP members realize that your wonderful organization has signed on to the proposed healthcare plan even though it contains a provision encouraging people to consider not taking medical treatment? It’s called end-of-life counseling. While there certainly are circumstances wherein people might not want to be kept alive when brain waves are gone, or if they simply want to live out their days without extraordinary and painful treatments, I fear this policy will be used to encourage assisted suicide. “Don’t you just want to end it all now?”

Oh, no, proponents cry. We’re not advocating any such thing. Really? There has been a push for just that for many years. Some states—Oregon comes to mind—have such a law. The very ill and the useless elderly shouldn’t be a drain on us, right? After all, these are tough economic times when everyone needs to make some sacrifices.

Don’t be fooled. Obamacare is not what its advocates want you to believe it is.

All of this has come about, of course, because we have turned away from the concept that man is made in the image of God, and that each person’s life has inherent value. We’ve replaced that view with one that sees mankind as a cosmic accident, and whose value is pegged to his or her contribution to society.

The preceding was political speech, which is protected by the United States Constitution, Amendment One. [This sentence added in case anyone is thinking of reporting me to the White House.]