Teaching Can Be Gratifying

I’ve just finished another week of teaching at a Youth with a Mission base—this time in Puerto Rico. I’ve been teaching at this particular base for seven years now, and each time has been a wonderful experience. Of course, it makes all the difference when you have a roomful of students who actually want to learn something.

I regularly teach Biblical Worldview, Church History, and American History at the Puerto Rican base. I’ve also taught the first two at another YWAM base in Guadalajara, Mexico. Wherever there is an open door, I am willing to go. If the Lord can use my words, it is worth the “trouble.”

God is trying to raise up a generation that takes His call to discipleship seriously. It’s only by answering this call that we can make any changes in our culture and, ultimately, to our politics.  Changed hearts lead to changed lives, which lead to a more Biblical culture and government.

That hope keeps me teaching.