Confronting Lawmakers on Healthcare

Congressmen home on recess are getting an earful. When they hold meetings with their constituents, they are hearing that Obama’s healthcare plan is not at all popular. And those constituents are coming out in droves to voice their concerns.

I’m relieved to see this happening. It reminds me of the first time this was tried, when the Clintons attempted to foist the same type of system on the American people. Everywhere they went to propagandize for their plan, they met serious protests. Ultimately, the plan crashed and burned. I pray that history will repeat itself this time.

This has raised the ire of some Democrats, who are just sure there is some kind of conspiracy at work. They’ve even begun to refer to their concerned constituents as organized mobs.

 I don’t think they are used to being criticized. Their thin skin is showing.

If there is anything organized about this, it’s in response to the actual proposals being put forward: government committees deciding if you will get a certain procedure or medication; mandated coverage for abortion; “counselors” who will help the elderly decide whether it’s really worthwhile to receive treatment. After all, if it’s too expensive, you are hurting others. Maybe it would be better for you to just die.

One provision in the bill as it currently is written would even force taxpayers to subsidize sex-change operations. Now there’s a medical necessity if ever there was one.

The entire bill, based on a philosophy that would undermine what is left of our Biblical culture, is a travesty. Congressmen should be confronted directly. The electorate is merely doing what it is supposed to do—stay vigilant to protect our freedoms.