Of Opinion Polls & Media Creations

Have you noticed the public opinion polls lately? It seems that the once-lofty numbers for the president are tumbling. It’s as if people are finally noticing that he isn’t really all that different from other politicians. Smoother, maybe, but that’s not necessarily a plus. The massive stimulus bill, the takeovers of industries, the talk of tax hikes, and the attempt to nationalize healthcare have caused a stir in the electorate. What’s a president to do in circumstances like this?

I trust that won’t happen—but you never can tell anymore. There’s something even more amazing, though, than the polling itself:

Also being reported is the fact that the percentage of potential voters who actually voted in the 2008 election was down from the percentage in 2004. That isn’t what we were told at the time. This was supposed to have been a dramatic breakthrough for the electorate, inspired by the Obama candidacy.

Apparently, the buzz over how many people were voting was a media creation—much like Obama himself.