A "Successful" Giveaway

It’s really rather fascinating watching lawmakers talk about the “Cash-for-Clunkers” program. The money that was provided for this, which was supposed to last about 4 months, ran out in 4 days. They are hailing it as a success. Well, since when have money giveaways never worked? If you’re going to give $3500-$4500 to someone just for turning in an old car and replacing it with a “fuel-efficient” one, you’re always going to have takers.

Don’t believe the propaganda. This program is no different than any government welfare program. And just as poorly administered. Now they’re trying to find more money for it, to honor the promises they’ve already made. This is the government that wants to run healthcare?

If the government can’t run a program this size without wrecking it, why would we ever want to turn over a multitrillion dollar industry to it? If you can’t handle a lesser responsibility, how can you hope to handle a larger one? That’s a Biblical principle, by the way. I have a better idea.

We can’t really complain. We got what we elected. Now it’s time to be responsible voters once again.

For a more in-depth critique, I recommend Rich Lowry’s article at National Review Online, which you can access here.