A Learnable Moment

Is He Open to Learning Anything?

Is He Open to Learning Anything?

So, now that the Henry Louis Gates incident blew up in his face, President Obama has made a few pronouncements.

First, he condescends to the lowly police officer who arrested Gates, willing to concede that he is a good man, neatly leaving his official indictment of the police force intact. One can still believe they handled things “stupidly.”

Second, he has declared that what we have here is a moral equivalence episode. You see, BOTH sides went overboard. This conveniently lets his friend, Gates, off the hook. Yes, he reacted wrongly, but, you see, he was probably provoked into doing so. Therefore, don’t blame him for being a race-oriented Marxist.

Third, Americans are now to view this entire sorry affair as a “teachable moment.” What does the president want us to learn? Well, America continues to be a racist society, for one. You can’t really blame any black person for responding the way Gates did, given our history. We all need to be more sensitive and politically correct. Second, we are to learn that a president never has to admit to being “wrong.” He can have “regrets” over wording, but he is never “wrong.”

Apparently, the teachable moment had nothing to say about acknowledging wrongdoing. Neither did it have anything to say about judging a situation before having all the facts first.

Thank you, Mr. President, for this teachable moment. Now, what have you learned?

I also include this reminder of one of the president’s teachers—one he sat under for more than 20 years:

Who should be lecturing whom about being teachable? The real question is whether the president is willing to learn something new about the country he leads.