Identify the Real Racist

President Obama’s news conference Wednesday night [which some have called a speech in the guise of a news conference, since he doesn’t allow many questions–his answers go on forever] was supposed to be about healthcare. Well, most of the time was spent on that, but at the end, he allowed himself to get drawn into a situation of which, as he admitted, he had limited knowledge. That didn’t stop him, though, from coming to a conclusion.

Gates Being Arrested

The picture on the left is of Henry Louis Gates being arrested at his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Here’s what happened. Gates, a Harvard professor, returned home from a trip and had trouble getting into the house. To a passerby, it looked as if he was trying to break into a house, since the person didn’t know he was the owner. So, the concerned citizen called the police to check on it.

When the police arrived, they asked Gates for identification. Gates, it seems, became irate over being questioned and started accusing the officer in charge of being a racist. According to the officer, Gates became abusive and wouldn’t follow any instructions. He was summarily arrested for refusing to cooperate due to his angry behavior. By the way, did you notice the black policeman in the photo? Is he racist, too?

Officer Crowley

Officer Crowley

That officer, pictured here, is James Crowley. He adamantly denies being a racist. All of his coworkers back him. In fact, everyone who has ever known him can’t believe such an accusation. He even teaches a racial profiling class at the police academy. Some of his comments suggest he voted for Obama. Yet now he is accused of racism.

Let’s dig deeper. Just who is Henry Louis Gates, besides being a professor at Harvard? Well, he is the chairman of Afro-American Studies. That may sound nice, but these programs are usually avenues for spreading anger, discontentment, and resentment over past wrongs committed against African-Americans. Those wrongs are real, but that kind of response to them is certainly not an example of Christian forgiveness.

What does Gates believe? He says that persons of color should not be forced to homogenize themselves into “an America in cultural white face.” What ever happened to the original goals of the civil rights movement, where we all learned to live together, not dividing ourselves into racial groups?

As reported in,

Gates identified what he called “a rainbow coalition of blacks, leftists, feminists, deconstructionists, and Marxists” who had entered academia and were “ready to take control.” It would not be much longer before that day came, he predicted. “As the old guard retires,” Gates proclaimed, “we will be in charge. Then, of course, the universities will become more liberal politically.”

So, we have a committed Marxist who wants Marxist thought to take over the universities crying out that he is being abused by racist police. This is an old tactic. It’s almost as if the police checking on what might have been a home break-in gave him the golden opportunity to become a celebrated victim. It was an opportunity someone of his mindset probably couldn’t pass up.

Yet what did our president say about the situation? He decided that the police “acted stupidly.” How does he know? Well, it turns out that Gates and the president are good friends. You mean our president is a good friend of a Marxist? Who would have ever guessed?

 For him to insert his opinion into this situation without all the facts is patently unpresidential. But that is becoming par for the course.