Lack of Confidence?

The latest polls show the American public is not so sure anymore about President Obama’s economic policies. They’re beginning to see that everyone will be adversely affected.

It appears that the reality of our huge debt is finally getting through all the hype. Administration officials try to tell us that the “stimulus” is working, but fewer people are being fooled. Perhaps they are starting to understand that a government-directed economy that rests on the belief that we can spend our way to prosperity is a falsehood.

Our massive debt is going to ground us.

That helps explain why the polls are turning against Obama on his healthcare plan. He is in a rush to get it through Congress before the public can come to the conclusion that it is full-fledged socialism. The message also is getting out that the president’s promise that people can keep their current healthcare, if they choose, is a fabrication. One part of the proposed House bill says that if you leave your current job, you can’t choose another private healthcare option. Instead, you have to be in the government option. That’s hardly a real “option.”

He’s even getting flack from his own party, nervous about having to face their constituents with this monstrosity. So, Obama wants us to stop thinking and just accept what he says.

The candidate who promised that every proposed piece of legislation would have a waiting period for everyone to inspect it first, has not fulfilled that promise for any of his favored legislation. His promise of transparency has been a fiction.

As I look back on this post, I see that I’ve used the words “falsehood,” “fabrication,” and “fiction” to describe what is taking place. I wasn’t trying to be alliterative; it just happened. I won’t backtrack on those words for reasons of style or substance. They are an accurate assessment of what is transpiring.