Willful Blindness

As the Sotomayor hearings wind down, we await the news of how many Republicans on the committee will vote in favor of her nomination. That’s the only part of the story yet to be written. Everyone else will suspend all critical analysis.

All it takes is for her to make a statement that totally contradicts everything she has ever said previously, and the media, etc., fall all over themselves accepting the new statement without question. I call this “willful blindness.” It afflicts people when they are so committed to an ideology that they lose all ability to think critically.

What happens to us as a society when we lose this capacity? We end up making absurd comments without even realizing how absurd they might be.

You say no one has actually made such a comment? Well, the original goal of the civil rights movement was to ensure that society valued individual achievement over race. We’ve now come to the point where we make all our decisions based on race. That’s the story of the Sotomayor nomination. Yet we refuse to see it.

Willful blindness.