A Rubber Stamp?

Well, they’ve started—the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court. They have the feel of a rubber stamp, i.e., whatever President Obama wants, we will do.

The committee is comprised of 12 Democrats and 7 Republicans, so there is no question her nomination will go to the floor of the Senate. There, the 60 Democrats will put her over the top, no matter what good reasons may exist for her to be rejected. And there are a lot of reasons.

What we are witnessing is the latest, but possibly the most egregious, example of trampling the concept of the rule of law. Interestingly, today Judge Sotomayor said she would always let the law decide a case. That’s not what she said previously. Well, she must have experienced a conversion, right? Of the foxhole variety. If she were to say what she really believes, she would be in trouble. So she has been coached to say only those things that will soothe ruffled feathers. Another word for this is lying.

Barring a miracle (and I do hold out for those), she will be added to the Supreme Court. The Republicans on the committee did a fine job today in pointing out the necessity of the rule of law and of not favoring one group over another. They are performing a good service for the country; their words can be replayed later after another horrendous Supreme Court decision, and maybe some will listen.

Meanwhile, life is not as rosy for everyone who may wish to rise in the public service: