Legislative Folly

False Ideology can lead to really foolish decisions. The whole cap-and-trade debate is one of the prime examples. This piece of legislation supposedly will help save the planet. When people are committed to that elusive goal, emotion usually overtakes rationale thinking.

Rationality was unwelcome on the House floor as well. Normally, when voting on a bill, there is a bill to vote on. In this case, no one had a copy of it. How does one then know how to vote? Simple. Just do what you’re told by the leadership.

For me, that was a new low for Congress. I always talk about how the Constitution is ignored and/or shredded. This is another dismal example.

As this bill goes to the Senate, there is one glimmer of hope.

If the Republicans can keep this from being rammed through without proper scrutiny, and if the public begins to catch on that this is one of the most truly damaging bills ever to come before the Congress, perhaps this legislative folly can be derailed before it reaches an eager Obama’s desk.