Freedom from Homosexuality

My title today will drive some people up the wall. What do you mean “freedom”? We’re already free because we can do what we want? No, actually, if you are into homosexuality, you are bound in chains of your own making. Just like any other sin, you now serve the desires of your own mind and body rather than God. Anyone who does that, regardless of the particular sin—homosexual or otherwise—is a slave. Only God can set them free to live the life that He always intended for them.

I have spent all week pointing out how homosexuality is a sin, that it is destructive in its very nature of God’s intent in creation, and that it has become a political agenda that is altering the way our society thinks. It is an evil.

Yet that doesn’t mean that individuals caught up in it should be shunned. If fact, just the opposite is needed. Christians need to reach out to those who are in chains, no matter what those chains are made of, and show how they can be broken. True compassion must begin with identifying the problem; therefore, we must call a sin a sin, and not pretend it’s something else. Only by acknowedging the real problem—sin rooted in selfishness—can the solution then be offered. Jesus came to die for sinners. He is willing to forgive and set free. But there are conditions: repentance, faith in His sacrificial death, and obedience to His will from this point on.

There are many who have been set free from this sin of homosexuality. One ministry that has been set up to reach out to those trapped in homosexuality is Exodus.

The leaders of this ministry are ex-homosexuals, so they understand the problem well. Calling someone an ex-homosexual does not go over well in our politically correct times, so Exodus is routinely attacked by the gay rights agenda. The whole premise of the ministry is Biblical, which means that they realize homosexuality is a choice, not a matter of birth.

If you need this help, or you know someone who does, go to the website shown above. You can find help. You can find the power of God to set you free.