Climate Change Report Suppressed by Obama

I just had to pass this on today. It appears that the Obama administration is not allowing a report that shows human beings have nothing to do with climate change to be released to the public. It would undermine the administration’s efforts to get its climate change legislation passed. The authors of the report were told in e-mails that the administration decided to move ahead with its “endangerment” message.

You can see that report here, along with original e-mails from one of the directors at the EPA.

As one of Townhall’s bloggers says:

Obviously, it’s harder to raise taxes and energy prices on Americans with cap-and-trade if people realize that it’s all to try to solve a “problem” that humans haven’t caused and can’t really fix.

This goes contrary to Obama’s statements that he will not allow politics to interfere with science. As that same blogger notes:

Ah, the difference between embryonic stem cell research and global warming.  Apparently, ethical concerns aren’t revelant to the former, and the truth is too “inconvenient” when it comes to the latter.

I know politics is politics, but this is taking things to a whole new (and lower) level: deliberately mislead the public so you can foist one of the largest tax increases in American history upon them, as is being attempted right now with the cap-and-trade legislation. This is from the candidate who pledged that no one making under $250,000 would see their taxes raised. This new legislation would raise taxes considerably on anyone who uses energy—in other words, you.

Now, for me it’s not just an issue of higher taxes, although I don’t like those at all; it goes much deeper, to an issue of what this president really believes. Some of you might think I’m being too harsh when I say his policies are Marxist, but that is how he was trained, it is how he thinks, and his goal is to change the American economy fundamentally.

Behind that philosophy is a worldview that rejects Biblical truth and replaces it with the wisdom of man. We need to take seriously the sources of a person’s thought. Those sources affect everything this particular man does.