Cap and Tax Bill

Rep. Henry Waxman---Sponsor of the "Cap-and-Trade" Bill
Rep. Henry Waxman—Sponsor of the “Cap-and-Trade” Bill

The official name for the bill that passed the House of Representatives yesterday was Cap-and-Trade. A more accurate title would be Cap-and-Tax.

In the guise of helping the climate, the House just put its stamp of approval on raising your taxes on every type of energy that you use. As candidate Obama stated while running for the presidency, his cap-and-trade plan would increase people’s energy bills astronomically.

Why didn’t that statement get more play in the press? Oh, I forgot—they are his lapdogs. More than that, they are his ideological partners.

The vote was 219-212. Only 8 Republicans voted for it (again, there is a difference between the parties), but that was enough to get it passed. Before we blame the 8 Republicans, consider that 211 Democrats voted in favor of it. That’s what got it through.

Now it goes to the Senate. Will there be enough outcry to stop it? Phones at the Capitol were overloaded yesterday with people calling in to oppose passage. That kind of fervor is needed again.

These kinds of bills, which come straight from the fertile mind of our president, can only cripple the American economy and make life harder for our citizens. Democrats like to talk about how they are for the “little” people. Well, those little people will have less of their own money to spend if this becomes law.

This bill, by the way, was about 1200 pages in its original form. Then, early yesterday, 300 additional pages of amendments were added. No one really read it before voting for it. They just did as they were told by their leadership. The same thing occurred with the so-called stimulus bill. Congressmen such as these are a disgrace and need to be removed from their positions.

What we are witnessing right now is an attempt to foist an alien system of government and economics on the nation. We need leadership based on Biblical principles, not on Marxism and autocracy.