In the Tank . . . Still

ABC News is going to be broadcasting from the White House tonight. The subject is healthcare. What this amounts to is an unpaid infomercial for the president to promote his government-run healthcare initiative. Since when has a major broadcast network become a mouthpiece for this administration? Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot about MSNBC, CNN, CBS, etc. This is just ABC’s turn to show how “in the tank” the American media is for this man.

This is just another in the unbroken chain of media support for all things Obama. However, there are signs that this adoring approach could be wearing thin. Support for Obamacare is lower in the general population than it was when the Clintons tried to do the same thing back in 1993. Another poll shows the president’s approval rating down to 58%, the first time it has not been over 60%. I call these positive trends for the future of America.

On another front, the Sotomayor pick for the Supreme Court continues to hit roadbumps. Last week, it was discovered that she was a member of a women’s-only club. Now, that’s fine with me, but for someone with her liberal philosophy, it was a startling revelation. The hypocrisy of it all was blatant. She would never approve an all-male club. Her explanation? Well, it doesn’t really disallow men; it’s just that no man has ever applied for membership. Right.

The criticism was so strong that she withdrew her membership.

There has been a continual flow of information about this nominee that has been discomforting, even to some liberals. There might be some Senate Democrats that are thinking twice about voting for her. This is why the Democratic leadership is trying to force this nomination through in record time. They have to hurry before even more of the facts are known. Maybe there’s still hope that she won’t be confirmed.

The odds remain in her favor, and the networks will continue to sing the praises of her boss, but perhaps the public’s perception is changing. Perhaps people are giving a second look to their new president, his philosophy, and his policies. That is my prayer.