Where Are the Republicans?

We are now five months into the Obama presidency, a presidency that has:

  • Begun the process whereby abortion will be available with no restrictions, and medical personnel who oppose abortion will not be allowed to opt out of the procedure;
  • Aided in the normalization of the aberrant lifestyle choice of homosexuality, which, Biblically defined, is a sin (yes, I said the word that must not be spoken in public);
  • Taken over vast segments of the economy (banks, GM, etc.);
  • Urged a government-run healthcare system that will eventually end up rationing care and worsening the healthcare “crisis”;
  • Thrown the nation into the deepest debt in its history, thereby ruining the future for our children and grandchildren;
  • Made overtures to Islam while denigrating the Christian heritage of America;
  • Set itself up as an opponent to Israel’s security (while all the while claiming that nothing has changed);
  • Treated real threats as merely misunderstandings (Iran; North Korea) that can be solved with somewhat strongly worded memos with no action behind them;
  • Decided that terrorists and the War on Terror do not literally exist—now we have “overseas contingency operations” to deal with “man-caused disasters” and insurgents captured on the battlefield being read their Miranda rights [you have the right to remain silent; you have the right to a lawyer, etc.] even though those rights are intended for American citizens, not people who are waging a war on America and its military.

In the midst of this trashing of the Constitution, the basic rights of Americans, the free market, and the security of the American people, where are the Republicans?

Yes, there are some on the Republican side who have spoken out, but they are the few and the brave. The Party itself has been either silent or protesting lamely. Now is the time for bold leadership, yet most seem afraid of confronting a president who continues to have high personal approval ratings. Keep in mind, though, that those high ratings are for his person only; ratings for his policies are dropping drastically. Of course the two should be the same, but that’s the divided nature of American thinking at this point in our history.

Republicans have a rare opportunity now to contrast the Obama vision of America and the world with a strong message of God-given rights, constitutionalism, and Biblical morality. Who will take the lead?

I want to believe that it’s premature to count out the Republicans, but the Party as a whole is going to have to find its backbone and start demonstrating why it should be given the opportunity to lead again. I’m looking for those individuals who will stand out above the quivering masses and declare the truth boldly, without apology. One of those could be the next president.