Universal Health Neglect

It was astounding last week to hear Obama talk about fiscal responsibility. It was tantamount to a drunk telling us to astain from alcohol, a drug addict lecturing us on the need to stay clean, or Bill Clinton promoting sexual abstinence.

While it is not unusual for politicians to take the “do as I say, not as I do approach,” in Obama’s case, it is absolutely brazen. He makes these comments after putting the country in a debt hole so large we may never be able to dig our way out.

Then, on top of that, he declares that this new fiscal responsibility slogan has an exemption: it does not apply to healthcare. His latest attempt at bankrupting the system completely is his universal healthcare agenda. Price tag? Democratic estimates are around $600 billion. Real estimates put it over one trillion.

But that’s okay, right? Now everyone will be covered. No one will ever have to worry about healthcare again. In fact, just the opposite will occur. His plan will eventually put the government in charge of all healthcare (protestations aside), and we will experience what other countries now have—a rationing system that won’t allow some people to get the surgery they need, and others having to wait years before being scheduled for surgery. That’s why Canadian citizens in dire straits come across the border to get their surgery.

It will actually lead to universal health neglect while it simultaneously destroys the economy even further. Be careful which political pills you swallow; they could be deadly.