I can understand if some people are having a hard time understanding President Obama. The problem seems to be that they are listening to his words and watching his actions simultaneously. This has left them confused. In order to avoid this conundrum, I recommend they cease doing both at the same time. It’s too taxing on one’s perception of reality.

For instance, do you remember when he said he really didn’t want to run a car company?

Ah, now we understand.

Then there was the latest unemployment report, showing another increase, this time to 9.4%. But did you know that the president has actually saved jobs since he took office? If you don’t believe me, listen to him:

You see, the problem with the rest of us is that we cannot grasp the sophistication of this analysis. Perhaps we should give up trying. This type of thinking is beyond us.

Does anyone remember the novel 1984? Welcome to a time where words mean whatever the government says they mean.