Rush Job?

The Senate has scheduled hearings on Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination for the Supreme Court for July 13. I think they are trying to rush this through before too many other problems bubble to the surface. Her comments about how a wise Latina woman will make better decisions than a white male now appear to have been a pattern for her, not a one-time slip of the tongue as President Obama would like us to believe. She is racialist in her approach. What does that mean? She considers all things through the prism of race, as if that is the central factor in life. Will this wear thin with Americans?

I believe that given enough time, there is still a chance to derail this nomination. If enough people inform senators that they don’t want that attitude on the High Court, some of the Democratic senators may feel enough heat that they will drop their support.

Rule of law, not racial empathy, should guide the Court’s decisions.