A Poisonous Doctrine

The President & His Nominee

When President Obama prepared to nominate someone for the Supreme Court, he said he wanted someone who had “empathy” with minorities and others who felt the law was against them. He obviously has found that person in Sonia Sotomayor. This may sound good, but it is a pernicious approach to the law.

Perhaps it might be best to let one of those minorities comment on this approach so my views won’t be attributed merely to a white male. Thomas Sowell, a scholar of highest repute, and, as a black man, one who had to overcome racist attitudes to get where he is today, has some great insights into why this “empathy” obsession is so damaging to our system of law. You can read his comments here.

When the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964, the goal was that we would become a colorblind society, that everyone would be considered the same under the law regardless of race or ethnicity. Instead, we have developed into a nation that considers race and ethnicity the key factors in all our decisions. That would change, we were told, if we would elect a black president. In fact, it has only gotten worse.

As a Christian, I don’t really believe in separate races. I think there is only one race—it’s called “human.” Within the human race, there are variations, but we all come from the same parents who were made by God.

The term racism is normally applied only to whites who manifest hatred toward others. Actually, a better definition of racism is when your entire life, and the decisions you make about life, all revolve around race. When that becomes the focal point of life, in my view, you are a racist, no matter what color you might be.