True Statesmanship

I would like to add my voice to those who are glad that former vice president Dick Cheney is speaking out. Cheney has, in response to criticisms of the Bush administration from the current occupants of the White House, taken on the misrepresentations and falsehoods being disseminated.

In particular, Cheney has sought to remind the American people that there are reasons why the United States has not suffered another 9/11. Whatever other faults the Bush administration may have had [and I catalogued them in earlier posts], it was relentless in its defense of the nation against further terrorist attacks.

The Obama administration has downplayed those successes, even to the point of suggesting that members of the Bush team should be prosecuted for their actions. Cheney will have none of that. His forthright defense of antiterrorist policies are a model of political courage in an age of political correctness.

Some have criticized him for speaking at all. After all, they say, a former vice president should be more statesmanlike and not get embroiled in current controversies.

Just who is the more statesmanlike—those former presidents and vice presidents above who spend their time scaring the American people over global warming and making friends with socialist dictators—or Mr. Cheney, who is putting the safety of Americans first? Cheney has my vote.